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Details HUMAN-LEARNING-From-Learning-Curves-to-Learning-Organizations-International-Series-in-Operations-Research-Management-Science-Band-29

Human Learning Learning plays a fundamental role in the production planning and growth of all organizations. This book covers a range of learning models and related topics beginning with learning curves to research on learning organizations.

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Details Adult-Learning-Basics-Astd-Training-Basics

Adult Learning Basics Intended for learning and performance professionals, Adult Learning Basics addresses individual learning competencies, organizational learning climate, and technology-related issues as they affect adult learning in the workplace ...

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Details Learning-As-A-Function-of-Difficulty-Values-of-the-Learning-Material-Learning-To-Be

Learning as a function of difficulty - value of the learning material is designed to create suitable learning conditions in the classroom. The author used the best means and methods of instruction out of so many available with him. In this way, she ...

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Details Experiential-Learning-Experience-as-the-Source-of-Learning-and-Development

Experiential Learning Drawing from the intellectual origins of experiential learning in the works of John Dewey, Kurt Lewin, and Jean Piaget, this book describes the process of experiential learning. It also applies experiential learning to higher ...

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Details Innovation-in-Open-and-Distance-Learning-Successful-Development-of-Online-and-Web-based-Learning-Open-and-Flexible-Learning-Hardcover

Innovation in Open and Distance Learning This volume draws together experiences in the application of technology to distributed learning. It offers an appraisal of the strategies and processes for managing change in open and distance learning and ...

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Details Accelerated-Learning-A-Users-Guide-Accelerated-Learning-S

This book focuses on the 'learning' in Accelerated Learning. It provides over 200 ideas and activities for putting theory into practice. ACCELERATED LEARNING: A User's Guide answers the following questions: In what ways are today's learners different ...

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Details The-Creative-Teaching-Learning-Resource-Book-Creativity-for-Learning

The Creative Teaching and Learning Resource Book A companion to the "Creative Teaching and Learning Toolkit", it presents over 200 tips, tools and practical strategies for effective teaching and learning that can be used in your classroom. It ...

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Details The-Design-Experience-and-Practice-of-Networked-Learning-Research-in-Networked-Learning

The Design, Experience and Practice of Networked Learning Developing Theory, Design and Experience of Networked Learning

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Details Learning-Efficacy-Celebrations-and-Persuasions-Hc-Research-about-Teaching-and-Learning

Learning Efficacy: Celebrations and Persuasions is a process of learning and instructing with two rather interrelated, if not interwoven, perspectives. The part of this book's title, namely learning efficacy , speaks to possible indicators or elements ...

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Details Lessons-in-Learning-e-Learning-and-Training-Reflections-and-Perspectives-for-the-Bewildered-Trainer

Lessons in Learning, e-Learning, and Training From Roger C. Schank-one of the most highly respected thinkers, writers, and speakers in the training, learning, and e-learning community-comes a compelling book of essays that explore the myriad issues ...