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Details The-Art-of-Saw-Filing-Scientifically-Treated-and-Explained-on-Philosophical-Principles-1864

The Art of Saw-Filing: Scientifically Treated and Explained on Philosophical Principles (1864)

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Details Forecasting-Innovations-Methods-for-Predicting-Numbers-of-Patent-Filings

Forecasting Innovations A practical guide to solutions for a case study of forecasting demand for services and products in international markets. It presents studies on improvements to methods for forecasting numbers of incoming patent filings at the ...

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Details First4magnets-IRONFIL-1-Eisen-Filings-80g-Science-Education-x1-Container

A pack of 80g of Iron Filings. Ideal for sprinkling on a sheet of A4 paper to see the magnetic lines given out by a magnet situated under the sheet of paper. It is suitable for many applications including school work, scientific experiments and ...

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Details BAHCO-BH1-111-06-3-0-LIMA-PLANA-6-FINA

Designed for filing narrow grooves, and passages such as filing cuts on keys;Edges are tapered towards the point with surfaces being parallel;File surfaces is double cut while the edges are single cut

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Details Mechanical-Drawing-A-Treatise-On-The-Drawing-Of-Mechanisms-And-Machine-Details-Including-The-Making-Of-Different-Classes-Of-Drawings-The-Numbering-And-Filing-Systems-For-Drawings

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and ...

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Details Nicholson-06601-8-Inch-Handy-File-by-Apex-Tool-Group

One side is single cut for tool sharpening and smoothing metal surfaces.;Reverse side is double cut for general filing and rapid stock removal.;reverse side is double-cut for general filing and rapid stock removal;1 cut edge, 1 safe edge;8 long ...

14,79 EUR*

- For filing circular openings or concave surfaces

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Details Strait-Line-233250-Anspitzer

Easy sharpening of rectangular carpenter pencils Narrow sharpening angle. For durable point Hardened sharpening blade. For extended life Integrated emery board for fine point filing....

4,65 EUR*

- For filing internal acute angles and cleaning out square corners

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Details Modern-Apprentice

IKARA COLT Modern Apprentice (2004 limited edition UK 12-track CD album in special filing sleeve style packaging with tri-fold booklet silver sleeve including the singles Wake In The City & Wanna Be That Way FPCD009)

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Details The-Office-Professionals-Guide

The Office Professionals Guide A valuable reference guide for the office professional covers commonly misspelled words, filing systems, important financial concepts, and other key topics in the business world.

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Details Disbursement-Journal

1. Keep track of expenses over the course of the year. 2. Keeps Expenses and tax write offs organized for easier tax filing. 3. Categorize expenses to match personal or business budget categories. 4. Easily record deposits, cash transfers, and auto ...

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Details Maine-Small-Extra-Deep-Bookcase-White-by-All-for-you-home

Home and garden;Storage, desks and filing;Bookcases, shelves and DVD storage;Bookcases and shelving units

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Details Dynabrade-14000komplett-Maschine-dynafile

World-famous Dynafile replaces tedious hand filing and sanding. Grind, deburr, blend, polish, finish and more;Finish and polish using slack of belt. For use on metal, plastic, fiberglass, composites, rubber, glass and stone;Accepts a variety of ...

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Details BAHCO-BH2-300-14-0-0-LIMA-AGUJA-14CM-BASTA

Overall length of 5 1/2-Inch;56 teeth per-Inch;Type of cut bastard;Perfect for fine filing and polishing jobs;Used by engravers, precision engineers, instrument makes, watch makers, and gold smiths

15,51 EUR*

10-Inch file;Width of 31/32-Inch;23 teeth per-Inch;Type of cut bastard;Useful for all flat filing and gives a high removal rate and smooth surface finish on most material

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Details Vermont-American-16674-Rotary-Rasps-And-Files-12X78-ROTARY-FILE

For rasping or filing soft metal;Special alloy steel is hardened and tempered for long life and increased durability;Precision cutting edges will not clog or load up

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Details Beadsmith-Metal-File-WErgo-Grip-7-

BEADSMITH-Vintaj: Metal File. Smooth rough edges of metal cut with shears and burrs created when cutting loops off charms. Tool itself measures 7 inches long and has a 3-1/2 inch long filing surface. This package contains one Metal File. Imported.

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Details Oregon-2Pack-26368ein-Logger-Anmeldung-Vise-Kette-26368a2pk

Der Logger Filing Vise macht die Kette und Schwert Wartung einfacher für den Benutzer, der vor allem in den Bereich. Es ist handlich und überall hin mitgenommen werden. Die Vise die Gabeln Antrieb in jede stumpf und der Vise Kiefer sperrt die Bar sicher.

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Details Stop-the-Procrastination-The-Self-Improvement-Doctrine

Procrastination effects everything you do. Waiting ten minutes before you leave to fix something can make you late. Not outlining your papers and writing first drafts can make your work look sloppy, and late. Not checking mail and filing it as needed ...

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Details The-Ultimate-Guide-to-Getting-Your-Green-Card

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Green Card This guide provides a thorough overview through the process of becoming legal, including: oThe benefits of having a green card oEligibility requirements, how to apply, and tips on filing out forms oThe ...

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Details Vermont-American-1667712Zoll-von-78Zoll-Zylinder-Rotary-Dateien

1/2" x 7/8", Cylinder, Rotary File, For Rasping Or Filing Soft Metal, Special Alloy Steel Is Hardened & Tempered For Long Life & Increased Durability, Precision Cutting Edges Will Not Clog Or Load Up, 1/4" Shank Fits All Drills.

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Details Unbekannt-geformt-Creations-Magnete-rund-Mehrfarbig-19x-952x-146cm

QUILLED CREATIONS-Round Magnets. Perfect for art projects, hobbies, photos, crafts and more! These magnets adhere to most metals, such as lockers, refrigerators, filing cabinets and more! Each magnet is pre-cut for your convenience. Simply peel away ...

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Details Patents-Copyrights-and-Trademarks-For-Dummies-For-Dummies-Series

Useful tips and step-by-step guidance from filing to issue to license Acquire and protect your share of this major business asset Want to secure and exploit the intellectual property rights due you or your company? This easy-to-follow guide shows you ...